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Forgotten Word by Sam Jane Brown - Synopsis
Forgotten Word is the first book in a sequence, the premise of which is that, while humankind may have forgotten about God and Satan, they haven’t forgotten us. A battle has been going on for world dominion, and Satan and his demonic angels are winning. They are in almost complete possession of the Vatican and a significant number of Catholic priests have - secretly and not so secretly - became Satanists.
Enter Inspector Zena McGrath of the Garda Siochana in Dublin. Sent first to the Vatican and then to New York to investigate the deaths of priests who have failed to succumb to Satan’s lures, Zena is an atheist. Still grieving over the deaths of her parents at the hands of Northern Ireland terrorists, she wants nothing to do with ideas of God. Then, as she investigates the mysterious deaths, visions presented to her by both God and the devil as they battle for her soul force her to accept that the supernatural forces she sees are real and that everyone has a choice to make between them. Including her.

In the Vatican, Zena meets Cardinal Donatello who believes that only he can find a solution to Satan’s seemingly unstoppable rise to power. He tries to mislead and demotivate Zena. Then, in New York, she meets Satanists, is seduced by one, and is persuaded that - whatever else they may do - it was not they who flogged a priest to death and left him chained to a pillar wearing a crown of thorns. They offer her the chance, through a satanic ritual, to enter into a trance state and see who murdered the priest. While in the trance she also is given a vision of a ritual involving a child that is to happen in the future.

She returns to Rome and the Pope is persuaded to hand Donatello over. In preventing the ritual involving a child, Zena comes close to death at the hands of Satanist priests and survives only thanks to Donatello’s intervention.

On holiday in the holy land, she sees a vision of Christ. Converted to belief, she can only watch helplessly as Satan’s forces use the United Nations to ban religion and to introduce technology, managed through a chip in the wrist, that brings the whole of mankind under their control.
How that works out, and how satanic forces are overcome, is the subject of book 2 in the sequence, The New System.
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