About The Book - Synopsis
The New System by Sam Jane Brown - Synopsis
The New System is the second book in a sequence that began with Forgotten Word. The premise is that, while humankind may have forgotten about God and Satan, they haven’t forgotten us. A battle has been going on for world dominion, and, by the time this second book begins, Satan and his demonic angels appear to have won. Religion is banned and the population is controlled through microchip technology - anyone whose chip is turned off becomes a fugitive outlander.
Inspector Zena McGrath of the Garda Siochana in Dublin, who we first met in Book 1, receives a bundle of documents that seem to suggest that the Bible was written 800 years earlier by Satan. As she teams up with her old colleague, Captain Bryan Evans of the NYPD, her investigations take her to Turkey and New York. Because humans - especially young humans - don’t give up easily. Around the world, a subterranean movement for freedom is gathering pace. And someone - or something - is directing it. A new bible is being dictated.

Zena doesn’t want to be part of this. She wants to be left in peace to get on with her life. But, just as she was marked out by Satan in Book 1, so she is marked out by God in this second book. Her refusal to be compromised remains even after she has been shown how wonderful, in material terms, the world she is being offered can be for its chosen ones.

We see the control exercised by a state that has cameras with lip-reading software everywhere and can listen in to every conversation. It is the Facebook/Google/CIA/MI5/Snowden/Assange world carried to its ultimate conclusion. From Japan, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, America and Britain, young people are converging on the deserts of Arabia and the ancient holy lands of the Fertile Crescent to prepare the overthrow of the Satanist world government. The people there are not welcoming - they’ve been through this before, and more than once, and they know the pain and suffering it can bring.

The forces of Good are ranged against the forces of Evil in a titanic struggle. God has not given up on Her creation. She cares deeply. Eight hundred years ago, She made another attempt to put humanity back on track. Her colleague, Satan, wrote the Bible. It appeared to have been written over millennia - it wasn’t. It seemed to be a history book - in fact, the Bible is about the future, not the past; it tells us what we should do and not what people did back in the day.
Humans have free will. They are free to choose between good and evil. Consistently throughout history, the choice they’ve made has been the wrong one. And now they have the opportunity to choose once more.

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